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Heating and cooling accounts for roughly 50% percent of the energy used in the typical house. To get the most from your heating unit, schedule professional upkeep each and every year for your heating maintenance or furnace maintenance.

When you call Crescent Aire for preventative heating service, you’ll delight in numerous affordable advantages, fewer breakdowns, extended system longevity, and increased efficiency. The time and expenses are minor, and easily offset by reputable and consistent temperature level control.

When temperatures plummet this winter, will your furnace be up to the needs of local weather condition? During an inspection, the heating professionals at Crescent Aire will examine your furnace for small concerns that could possibly turn into intricate repair work, allowing time to order and set up any needed replacement parts.

If these flaws are not caught prior to the winter season work, they compromise system dependability and performance, along with your health and wellness.

Why do you need furnace service?

Get Furnace Maintenance in Morton Grove, IL, Skokie, IL, Evanston, IL, Wilmette, IL, Winnetka, IL, Des plains, IL, Lincolnwood, IL, and Park Ridge, IL

Dirt accumulation affects the air handler’s capability to push heated air into your home, and might cause longer heating cycles and possible overheating. Dirt and corrosion can deteriorate the condition of the heat exchanger, as it separates the combustion process from breathing air.

An air tight seal is a must to prevent flue gasses inside the heat exchanger from getting in the breathing air passing over the outside surface. Flue gases, such as lethal carbon monoxide, are incredibly dangerous.

While your furnace may seem operating properly, only extensive service can identify fractures in the heat exchanger or incomplete combustion.


According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, a gas-fired furnace uses an average life span of eighteen years. Your furnace will fail to satisfy manufacturer’s expectations for life-span, efficiency and performance without routine, conscientious heating service.

Crescent Aire is an in your area owned and operated furnace and heating business, with extensive experience in the Morton Grove area and its neighborhood.

We comprehend that the last thing you want to stress about during the busy fall season is your furnace. As a considerable investment, and all that stands in between you and unpleasant cold, your furnace is of significant importance.

To ensure the finest possible care, contact Crescent Aire at 8476 603 866 and we’ll set up a practical, cost-effective and fast service call.

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